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Our unique system allows you to finally gain some control over your online reputation and the quality of your ratings and reviews. You'll be able to turn satisfied customers into positive online reviews while turning unsatisfied customers into valuable internal feedback that you can use to improve customer service.

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Yelp online review website

Reviews can be a bummer.

That's because they don't usually reflect the quality of your products or services. It makes sense when you realize that, for every bad experience a customer has they will tell ten people about it but for every good experience they'll only tell one.

That's the natural tendency that all business owners are working against when trying to maintain a positive online reputation. Overcoming that tendency is exactly why we created Review Advantage.

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Five minutes to a five star reputation.

You know those customers that really like you? The ones that have told others about your business?. Imagine receiving a steady stream of positive reviews on sites like Yelp Google+ and TripAdvisor from customers like these. And imagine if that feedback is the first thing a potential customer hears about your business. Review Advantage turns satisfied customers into your most effective marketing resource.

Here's how it works: You enter a customer into the system and they are sent a customized email from you requesting feedback on their recent experience. If the feedback is positive, they are shown links to the online review sites of your choosing so they can share their praise publicly. If the feedback was negative, only you and members of your staff are privately notified.

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Yelp online review website

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Through Review Advantage, we feel like we’ve found a magic wand! We’ve increased our positive TripAdvisor reviews, outsmarting the competition and at the same time we’ve been able to control and resolve guests issues preventing them from damaging our online reputation.
Image of Reviewer- Loisse H.
"Review Advantage is a site that will make any business owners’s day. There’s no better way to outplay your competitors."
Image of Reviewer- Sean D.
"Review Advantage is great for business owners who are serious about their reputation and want to build it quickly and consistently.”
Image of Reviewer– Jennifer M.
“I was blown away by the simplicity of use and how quickly I was able to implement this into my business.”
Image of Reviewer– Steve Johnson
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