Easily Collect Feedback

Automated Email Process

    Enter customers one by one or bulk upload a CSV list and the system will reach out to your them, requesting feedback and sending them follow up emails and guiding them through the feedback process. All you need is some basic customer info (Name and Email).

Feedback request email

Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk Mode allows you to request feedback from your customer on-site. This is ideal for restaurants, medical offices, handyman and any other business that works and interacts with their customer in person. Simply copy your unique Kiosk URL into a Web browser on your iPad or other device and hand it to your customer during checkout or towards the end of the visit.

Kiosk mode for collecting reviews

Feedback Collection URL

    The unique “Feedback URL” can be added to websites, email signatures, email newsletters, existing survey forms as well as printed media, invoices, bills, tabs, receipts, business cards, QR codes, SMS etc – and does not require you to know the customers email or name.

URL for collection of online reviews

Capture Your Customer's Feedback

    Customers are shown a simple, easy-to-use feedback form where they can rate their experience and leave a review. This page is branded with your business' logo, is fully mobile-friendly and you can customize it's text and graphics.

Feedback collection with Review Advantage

Discreetly Assign Feedback to an Employee or Department

    Our unique system allows you to assign feedback to a specific department or employee without customer knowledge, allowing unbiased evaluation of service strengths and weaknesses.

Assign feedback to a particular employee

Turn Feedback Into Online Reviews

Choose To Which Review Sites Customers Can Post

    Based on your settings, customers that are flagged as leaving positive feedback for your business are sent a follow up sequence to encourage sharing their feedback the online review sites that you choose.

List of chosen online review websites

Decrease Your Negative Reviews

    When a customer provides negative feedback, their comments are sent privately to you. This gives you the opportunity to address their concerns and, possibly retain their future business. In addition, customers are allowed to vent about their experience by submitting their comments which greatly decreases the likelihood that they will go on to post a negative review on the major review websites like Yelp.

Decrease Your Negative Reviews

Send Follow up Emails

    Optionally, you can choose to have the system send follow up emails to customers who don't provide initial feedback. This is a great way to increase your conversion rates.

Follow up your feedback requests

Broadcast Your Positive Reviews

Share Reviews Automatically on Social Media

    Share reviews on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ manually or set automatic sharing of your positive reviews. Attention-grabbing image of the review is posted and you can customize the colors used in the image to match your brand. Optionally, you may repress a specific review from being posted to your social media streams.

Share Reviews Automatically on Social Media

Embed Latest Positive Reviews on Your Website

    You'll be provided with embedable code that you can include on your website that will showcase your latest, positive reviews.

Embed Latest Positive Reviews on Your Website with this Widget

Micro Site for Your Business

You can never have too many web properties. You will receive a custom, micro site to help spread the word about your business which not only shares your online ratings and reviews, but also includes the powerful feedback customers have left for you that may not have shown up on external rating and review sites as well as a button to collect new reviews easily.

Your micro site shows all pertinent business information in a single location. If needed, you can use this as a primary website as it includes:

  • Company or individual branding
  • Recent feedback and online reviews
  • Business hours
  • Basic company information
  • Social media accounts
  • Link to external review page
  • Google Map of your Location
Example of a micro-site

A Fully Branded Experience

Include Your Logo, Custom Graphics and Company Info

    You'll be able to include your logo, custom graphics and key company information on the emails that your customers receive as well as the feedback collection pages.

Tools to brand our system

Customize all Communications

    Edit the text that's included on all system emails as well as the feedback collection pages. Want to show a discount coupon to users that give a negative review? No problem, just edit the template for the page that users are shown when they provide negative feedback.

Interface for editing system comunications

White Label Video

    Include a professionally written and recorded video message on both positive and negative review pages. Videos are performed by professional actors and you can choose between a male or a female. Prefer to use your own video? Embed a video that's specifically branded to your company with a message that is tailored to your customers.

White Label Video

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Receive Email Alerts

    Instantly be alerted of new feedback via email. Email includes the rating and review comments as well as a link to the reviewer's contact information for easy contacting. Other key staff members can also be alerted of every review.

Email with Alerts

Receive Alerts Via Text Message

    On the go? You can optionally receive text message alert whenever positive or negative feedback is received.

Cell phone with review alerts

Actively Monitor Top Review Sites

    Integrate with the major rating and review sites like Yelp, Google+ , Yahoo, and CitySearch to pull in reviews that have been posted about your business and be alerted whenever a new review is posted.

Third party review site selection screen

Receive Automated Reports

    Receive monthly and/or weekly reports about the health of your online reputation with information such as Average Amount of Reviews Over Time, "Sentiment Report", Employee/Department Reports and more.

Review reports configuration interface

Easily Link to the Original Review

    Click on a review in your dashboard to be taken to its page on the site where it originated so you can quickly reply or comment on it quickly.

Example of Yelp.com

Powerful Reports

Access Key Reputation Metrics At-a-Glance

    Stay on top of what's being said about your business right from your dashboard. You'll have access to vital stats such as your average customer rating, the rate at which your feedback request emails are being opened and clicked, easy access to latest "Recent Happy" and "Recent Unhappy" customers and lots more.

Review Advantage dashboard

View Average Ratings Over Time

    See exactly how many reviews you have received and the average rating over time for the past 7 days, 30 days or define a custom period of time.

Average rating over time report

Break Down Your Customers by Sentiment

    The Sentiment Report breaks down the amount of good, bad and neutral ratings you've received allowing you to see trends and address problem tendencies early.

Sentiment of reviews report

Access Average Rating By Employee/Department

    The Employee/Department Report lets you see the average rating by employee/department allowing you to hold staff accountable for the poor customer service and reward them when their performance is good. You can also easily see the amount of feedback each employee/department has received.

Average rating per employee report

Who's been visiting your micro-site?

    You'll have access to traffic reports of the amount of visitors your micro-site has received during the past month.

Report of micro-site traffic

Receive Automated Reports

    Receive monthly and/or weekly reports about the health of your online reputation with information such as Average Amount of Reviews Over Time, "Sentiment Report", Employee/Department Reports and more.

Review reports configuration interface

But Wait, There's More!

Select Review Sites That are Important to You

    Decide which review site(s) is important to your business, allowing your customer to quickly select a review site they are familiar and comfortable with.

Select which review sites to offer customers

Manage All Your Contacts

    Import customers one a time or do a bulk upload via a CSV file. Export a list of customers including their review data and search, manage, and segment existing customers based on their ratings.

Review Advantage contact manager

Send Bulk Emails

    Want to send a discount coupon via email only to customers who gave you a negative review last month? No problem.

Emailing tools inside Review Advantage

Access Training Videos

    Access a long list of videos that walk you through all aspects of the software. As new features are released, we're always adding new videos.

Training section

Works on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Phones

    Our platform is mobile responsive and works on any web browser enabled device. You will be able to access your tools and your customers will be able to submit their feedback from any mobile device or desktop.

Responsive web design

Simple to Understand System

    Your focus should be on your customers and your business, not trying to learn how to use a program. Our process was created with a simple to use and easy interface, ensuring that you establish your positive online reputation quickly and easily.

Simple To Understand System

Friendly and Helpful Support Staff

    Not sure how to accomplish something or have any questions at all? Call or email us anytime during business hours and receive friendly and prompt assistance. Also, when you sign up you are assigned a Dedicated Account Manager who will be in touch and help you at every step along the way.

Friendly And Helpful Support Staff

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